New and Used Tire

At ACE, we specialize in meeting the needs of our customers by offering a wide selection of high quality new and used tires. We offer everything from tires for conventional cars to tires for large vehicles.

At ACE, we partner closely with leading manufacturers and distributors to offer our customers the most recognized and trusted brands on the market. Our highly trained team is available to advise customers and help them find the perfect tires to fit their needs and budget, whether for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs or even commercial vehicles.

In addition to our new tires, we also offer a careful selection of used tires in excellent condition.We understand that many customers are looking for more economical options without sacrificing quality and performance, so our used tires come from reliable sources and undergo rigorous quality controls. This allows us to offer reliable used tires that provide excellent performance and durability at more affordable prices.

Reliable and Affordable Tire Solutions for All Your Needs

All-Terrain Tires
These tires are designed for vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs and 4x4 vehicles. They have a tread that provides additional traction in difficult terrain, such as mud, sand or rocks.
All-season Highway Tires
These tires are designed to provide year-round performance in a variety of weather conditions. They have a more versatile tread that adapts to all weather conditions.
Performance Tires
These tires are designed for sport and high-performance vehicles. They have a wider tread and stiffer construction for increased cornering grip and quicker steering response.
Commercial Tires
They are specifically designed for use on trucks, vans and other cargo vehicles. These tires are designed to withstand heavy loads and offer durability and strength under various driving conditions.

We have a wide variety of tires for all types of vehicles and needs.

We have the best tire brands