Shop Now, Pay Later

At Ace Tire Shop, we understand the importance of providing our valued customers with flexible payment options that meet their needs. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer ACIMA Leasing, a hassle-free payment solution that allows you to buy the tires you need today and pay for them later, without credit.

Leasing Services

With Acima, you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing your desired tires without worrying about immediate payment. Here’s how it works:

Easy Approval Process: ACIMA Leasing is not a loan or credit card. Unlike traditional financing, Acima’s process is straightforward. It is a rental-purchase option, making it accessible to a wider range of customers.

Quick Application: Applying for Acima is a breeze. Simply provide basic information, and you’ll receive an instant decision, allowing you to move forward with your purchase promptly.

Flexible Payment Terms: Acima allows you to choose a payment schedule that suits your budget, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. You always have the flexibility of their “early purchase option.” When you’re ready, pay a lump sum and own immediately. The sooner you do, the more you save!

Great Selection: With the freedom to buy now and pay later, you can select from our wide range of high-quality tires, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best without breaking the bank.

At Ace Tire Shop, we believe in putting our customers first, and Acima helps us achieve just that. Drive away with confidence knowing that you have chosen a purchase option that prioritizes your convenience and financial flexibility.

Visit Ace Tire Shop today and let Acima help you hit the road with the perfect set of tires, all while enjoying the benefits of “Buy Now, Pay Later” with no credit needed. Your journey to a smoother ride starts here!